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Interior design ×

Working with space we remain true to our senses of luxury and beauty, using exclusive and unique furniture items from the leading international furniture manufacturers. Our group offers not just projects, but the point of view – our vision of your concept of beauty, comfort and ideal interior. Each project is important and valuable for us. We create exclusive atmosphere that will highlight your individuality, evoke strong emotions and inspire you for new ideas.


Didius Design Interior works with different stylistic variations like art deco, minimalism, and classic. Modern understanding of styles makes our projects more exquisite and corresponding to the spirit of the times. We design your interior space, providing a complete and detailed set of technical documentation, manage all related operational issues of the project and control it through all stages. The hallmark of our 3D projects is full resemblance with what you will have as your future interior. All items and furniture are taken from the real collections and have its serial numbers. We do our best to save your time - so you don't have to look for anything else. In constant search of ideal proportions and unmatched ways of execution, striving for perfection, we create sensual interior – that is design for us, this is how we see it and offer it to you.

Project implementation

The cooperation with professional construction companies which have successfully been proved in the market and having wide experience of work with premium interior design allows obtaining high quality results.


Each phase of project implementation is carried out and controlled by top-ranking specialists. We realize high level projects, considering all subtleties and specifics connected with luxury interiors.

Object equipment ×

It realizes packaging of object thanks to our partners and their extensive experience in working with world manufacturers of furniture, lighting, sanitary engineering, decoration materials from factories directly.


Thus we are able to offer the best prices for our clients. We draw up an estimate calculation, control the ordering process, delivery time and quality of each item. The luxury furniture from Italy, France, Portugal and the USA made from valuable wood species, exclusive materials and coverings requires special attention. Assembly and erection are performed by our partners’ professional team with account of all subtleties and nuances of this process. If you need to replace furniture to a new or choose a unique object for your interior, we can help do that without the development of the project, proposed variants of planning.

Interior decorations

The interior really becomes complete when it is filled with necessary decor elements.


This phase is extremely important and demand of specific professional attention and good sense of taste. Each element of a decor is selected carefully and brings the necessary atmosphere of comfort and feeling of completeness.We regularly attend different international exhibitions and keep in touch with all current trends which skillfully use in our projects. For your stylish interior we will pick up all elements of a decor: objects of art, mirrors, table setting and textiles.

Designer’s control ×

For reaching a full compliance of a future interior to the project and the pledged idea, we engage the major construction companies which leading in the design market.


High level of professionalism provides qualitative result of all performed projects at all phases of implementation. During designer’s control we keep a work schedule, provide our clients with financial reports, realize continuous contraction with contractor and resolve all organizational and technical issues.

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